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Monthly Archives: January, 2016

Meet: Jen Lannon of Building

Jennifer Lannon is in charge of business development and membership at Brickell’s premier collaborative workspace, Building. Learn about how Building adds values to its members, about Springboard Enterprises, BioHealth, and more.

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Meet: Juan Palacio of Bloomsy

Who are you and where you from? “Juan Palacio. I’m from Bogota, Colombia but I’ve been living in Miami for 15+ years.” Tell us about Bloomsy.  “We are a monthly … Continue reading

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You should be using: Less Annoying CRM

A simple CRM that is affordable and requires no training. Perfect for a startup.

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You should be using: Grammarly

A plugin that fixes your grammar. We all know Miami especially needs this.

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You should be using: DocSend

Finally, you can get analytics from your decks and online marketing materials. No more attachments.

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Meet: James Rohrbach of the Miami Innovation Center

Who are you and where are you from? “Jim Rohrbach. I’ve lived in Washington, New York, and now Florida. I started off in the banking business, and later I started a … Continue reading

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January 20th STEP

Pitcher’s Name: Kristina Jones Startup: Court Buddy 3 Sentences Elevator Pitch: “Court Buddy matches people and business with attorneys based on the client’s budget! We are the first to offer … Continue reading

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Meet: Michael Hall of Kurator and DGIT

Michael Hall does a lot of cool things, and a lot of great things to help Miami. Learn more about his new art identifying app, Kurator, and how his organizations can help your startup.

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This will help: Growth Geeks

Background: For early stage startups, there’s never enough time or money for founders to do everything well. So, smart outsourcing can really help. Growth Geeks offers the services of “on demand … Continue reading

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This will help: Convertible Note Term Sheet Generator

Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati, a prestigious law firm specializing in securities, IP, and everything for tech companies, posted a fill-in-the-blank document builder for a convertible note term sheet. This works … Continue reading

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