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You should be using: Less Annoying CRM

A simple CRM that is affordable and requires no training. Perfect for a startup.

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You should be using: Grammarly

A plugin that fixes your grammar. We all know Miami especially needs this.

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You should be using: DocSend

Finally, you can get analytics from your decks and online marketing materials. No more attachments.

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Meet: James Rohrbach of the Miami Innovation Center

Who are you and where are you from? “Jim Rohrbach. I’ve lived in Washington, New York, and now Florida. I started off in the banking business, and later I started a … Continue reading

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January 20th STEP

Pitcher’s Name: Kristina Jones Startup: Court Buddy 3 Sentences Elevator Pitch: “Court Buddy matches people and business with attorneys based on the client’s budget! We are the first to offer … Continue reading

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Meet: Michael Hall of Kurator and DGIT

Michael Hall does a lot of cool things, and a lot of great things to help Miami. Learn more about his new art identifying app, Kurator, and how his organizations can help your startup.

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This will help: Growth Geeks

Background: For early stage startups, there’s never enough time or money for founders to do everything well. So, smart outsourcing can really help. Growth Geeks offers the services of “on demand … Continue reading

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This will help: Convertible Note Term Sheet Generator

Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati, a prestigious law firm specializing in securities, IP, and everything for tech companies, posted a fill-in-the-blank document builder for a convertible note term sheet. This works … Continue reading

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Meet: Dr. Pandwe Gibson of EcoTech Visions

I would vote for her if she ran for President. This woman has not only touched the lives of students and improved the quality of education nationwide, she has now … Continue reading

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You should be using: Calendly

Background: Many of you know about Calendly already, but some of you don’t so it’s worth a short post. I hate coordinating a time for phone calls. I have to go in … Continue reading

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